The music

Pre-master excerpts from the forthcoming album!

Weight of Light – 7
Once, in my arms, I carried you and you were weightless Once, in my sleep, I looked at you and you were weightless So often, in my love, I’ve listened to you and you have been weightless So it is now, as I turn you to the wind, as I turn you, turn you, turn you to the wind you are... a boy in the river a boy on the sand beneath the sun you are... a girl in Kandahar shouldering a sheep I’m sorry I failed you both – I am no man Always, in my blood and bones, I carry you both for life, for life
The Call (excerpt)
"the strangers we are the secrets we have the tales for telling but still we will Call him home we’re calling him home – we need our son, our soldier"
In Kandahar (excerpt)
but the only sound that came to me was the falling call of a crow calling and falling again falling and calling calling and falling again
Distrust (excerpt)
What can she see: an act, a need? I give her a grin, I do, she’s safe with me: I am, I know (I believe), a man of valour But still she stares deathly to the back of my head, the wretched black
Lacuna 1 (excerpt)
At the Gate
We’ve lost him, he’s gone he went in winter She doesn’t say who, but I know, I know Above: a crow, if I could ...
The Girl (excerpt)
We fired again the enemy went down but so did she, the girl, the girl with her sheep [The girl went down...] A feeling of falling in my chest my guts my legs my head my mistake...  
Black Shadows (excerpt)
my bullet that tore open a girl’s throat the other my brother who felt too alone to live Black shadows I’d run with you...
Rain on the Iron (except)
Father, I know this to be true: my life is violence and the dearest, the most innocent, are gone a demon is stealing my reasons for fighting my reasons for being I don’t want to be broken Son, my son, as the rain comes down on the iron
Lacuna 4
Stay and Yes (excerpt)
What a word it is: a bird a mist a whisper Yes, I say, I will Carry me carry me carry me close Carry me carry me never let me go I won’t let you down
For now we are: a breath a seed a plea